2012 NetMission X WebOrganic

The Seed Ambassadors Program organized by WebOrganic of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) aims to recruit both primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong as the Seed School to be the pioneer in Internet issues education. Each Seed School will nominate 8 students from different classes to form a team of Seed Ambassadors. With a series of training and coaching sessions organised by NetMission Ambassadors, the Seed Ambassadors will intiate their own projects in their campus to spread the positive attitude in using Internet and be the peer leader. In 2012, there are total of 32 primary program which over 400 students invloved.

The Seed Ambassadors program emphasize on the collaboration between the seeds ambassadors and their mentors to plan, implement and take part in the Internet-related activities. The best team woulld earn the opportunity to join overseas exchange program to present their projects and share their experiences with many other passionate youth from the Asia Pacific Region.

WebOrganic Project Official Website: http://www.weborganic.hk/