APNG Camp 2012, Seoul, Korea

Timothy Wu (Class 2010)

My experience of APNG camp in Seoul is unforgettable, well above my expectation. What I most like of the camp was it found the balance somewhere between an academic conference and an international youth camp. It gives us a platform to make friends with passionate young participants from all over the Asia-Pacific region in relatively casual atmosphere, as well as exchange ideas on research work of each other. I would like to thank Ching, Matthew, Yannis, Dr. Sir, Mr. Song and all other who help in organizing the camp. It is you that make our days in the camp wonderful. Also I want to express my gratitude to gratitude to NetMission Ambassador Program, which gives me the opportunity to attend the camp in the first place.

The presentations in the camp look into issues in ICT in various aspects. The topics range from the assignment of domain names and IP addresses, security issue of packet transmission, record and research of carbon dioxide concentration in a classroom, to some educational programs provided for youth and underprivileged people. Of course, the most impressive talk is the one presented by our great social engineer, who successfully overcame the language barrier and made everyone laugh out loud. I learned a lot from the exchanging process (include their feedback to my own presentation). Hopefully I could have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the APNG fellows in the near future.


Meanwhile, I also enjoyed the “playing” sessions, including the opening and closing dinners, the costume party, and the free exploring night. I agree with Ching, who once mentioned that the “leisure” time during a conference were even more important than formal sessions in some way. Indeed, I not only had much fun, but also had some meaningful discussions with other participants. Here I want to give special thanks to local Korean participants, who led us to delicious local food and gave us some basic understanding on local culture.

I wish I could have the chance to participate in the next APNG camp. This would definitely be a motivation for my work. I love APNG camp and see you next year!