ICT Ideas for change: Pitching Contest

CT Ideas for change: Pitching Contest is part of NetMission Ambassadors Program 2015-16 Selection Process, candidates brainstorm an idea solving certain social problem on the areas of health, poverty, environment protection or citizenship, by leveraging their ICT knowledge and creativity. Candidates pitch their ideas to the judges and audiences and have to lobby for support. We are grateful to have following guests joining with us on the day.

Panel of guests:
Mr. Edmon CHUNG
CEO, DotAsia Organisation
Miss Bianca Caroline HO
Member of Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group of theUnited Nations Internet Governance Forum (UNIGF)
Hon Charles Peter MOK
Legislative Council Member (FunctionalConstituency – Information Technology)
Mr. Erwin HUANG
CEO, WebOrganic
Mr. Chester Soong
Chairman, Internet Society Hong Kong
Mr. Lento Yip
Chairman, Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association
Best Idea
– NG Kong Sing, Kody
Best Performance
– YUNG Yik Ho, Felix
My Favourite Presenter
– YUNG Yik Ho, Felix
– LEUNG Wai Ho, Michael
– LAI Lok Ping, Pinky
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