NetMission.Asia 2019 Recruitment

The NetMission Academy offers motivated individuals the chance to further their understanding of Internet Governance issues. Graduates of the academy can become NetMission Ambassadors, working together with a team to build an initiative for the development of the Internet and advance the governance discussions in Asia. Part of this includes being an organiser of regional conference activities for youth. 

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for young visionaries who want to make a change for the betterment of the Internet and our community. Full-time students currently enrolled in any tertiary institutions within Asia Pacific of all disciplines are welcome.  Read the FAQ.

Recruitment Timeline: 

Date Session
2 Oct 2018 Open Online Application
16 Nov 2018 Application Deadline
27 Nov 2018 Result Announcement to Successful Participants
5 Dec 2018 Orientation Webinar
Jan – Feb 2019 NetMission Academy
 Mar 2019 Become NetMission Ambassadors: Working Group Begins

NetMission Academy

The NetMission Academy is a series of online sessions designed to equip youth with the knowledge and discussion skills to participate in Internet policy making. The sessions will include one orientation webinar, followed by 7 training workshops. These 1-hour workshops will be interactive discussion sessions, with expert guest speakers selected for each topic.

This online academy is not a one-sided learning program. Selected fellows will be assigned into thematic groups to research and prepare for the respective session as a host. All fellows are expected to actively contribute to discussions. If you are a student in tertiary education (undergraduate or postgraduate) and are interested in how the Internet impacts society, this is the program for you.

Date Session
5 Dec 2018 Orientation Webinar
9 Jan 2019 Internet Governance Ecosystem & Internet Infrastructure
16 Jan 2019 Access and Empowerment
23 Jan 2019 Human Rights Online
30 Jan 2019 Cybersecurity, Privacy & Safer Internet
13 Feb 2019 Digital Economy and Emerging Technologies
20 Feb 2019 Diversity and Multi-Stakeholder Participation
27 Feb 2019 ICANN Policies

Becoming NetMission Ambassadors

Participants of APIGA 2017

Upon completing the NetMission Academy, those who are passionate to create an impact with collaborative effort can become part of our network as NetMission Ambassadors.

Ambassadors will form working groups based around their areas of interest from each theme. Each working group will be assigned a mentor with experience in the field.

What will your working group do?

Working group members shall kick-start with defining your own goals and the impact that you want to create. You can participate in policy processes and advocacy, develop toolkits and educational materials or organise local initiatives. Feel free to go beyond. Innovate! Experiment! Our aim is to bring Internet Governance issues to the youth of Asia. Podcasts? Games? Viral marketing? Go crazy!

Conference Organising Committees

As part of our Internet Governance youth engagement work, NetMission Ambassadors have a strong presence at regional Internet Governance conferences. This includes APIGA, APrIGF, ICANN, and IGF. NetMission Ambassadors will have the chance to apply for the demanding role of organising and hosting youth activities at some of these events which involves moderating a policy discussion dialogue. Separate process will be initiated for recruiting the organizing committees for respective events.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Why should I care about Internet Governance?

The Internet is one of the most significant technologies in history.

The NetMission Academy gives you a voice straight into the heart of Internet policy discussion with industry, governments, and civil society.

  1. Can I really make a difference?


The Internet is a very unique construct. No individual person, organisation, company or government controls the Internet. The Internet relies on the cooperation of many parties. This multi-stakeholder approach is fundamental to Internet Governance.

As the first generation to have grown up with the Internet, youth of today are the first true digital natives. Your experience[s] with the Internet is invaluable input for advising internet policy and youth involvement is actively welcomed at the discussion table.

  1. What does it mean to be a NetMission Ambassador?

As a youth leader and coordinator you will be expected to not only take part in Internet Governance discourse yourself but also to facilitate and enable other youth to participate.

We believe in a youth-led bottom-up philosophy. Rather than a central institution, NetMission.Asia is a platform for like-minded youth to develop their participation in Internet Governance.

Our goal is to bring the voice of youth to the policy discussions.