Words from Ambassadors

APNG Camp 2012, Seoul, Korea

Timothy Wu (Class 2010)

My experience of APNG camp in Seoul is unforgettable, well above my expectation. What I most like of the camp was it found the balance somewhere between an academic conference and an international youth camp. It gives us a platform to make friends with passionate young participants from all over the Asia-Pacific region in relatively casual atmosphere, as well as exchange ideas on research work of each other.

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Taiwan Internet Trend Seminar 2012

Lily Kung (Class 2010)

In March 2012, Anson Lau and me were invited to participate in the Taiwan Internet Trend Seminar 2012. I was very impressed with the students’ passion and their creative ideas.

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Taiwan Internet Trend Seminar 2012 (28-30/3/2012)

Anson Lau (Class 2010)

Before the trip, I was excited and curious about the oversea presentation since I have never presented in other places apart from Hong Kong. Also, it was my first time to travel to Taiwan. I had to get well prepared for both working and sightseeing purpose.

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yIGF Sinapore 2011

Naomi Tsang (Class 2010)

Before meeting the participants and hearing them discuss the topics, I was unsure how to approach my role as a facilitator. Should I do much of the talking? Should I plant ideas in their minds? Should I wait for them to speak freely, as in conversation, or should I cold call? Would they have anything to say?

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The 41th ICANN Meeting Singapore 2011

Avis Chan (Class 2010)

ICANN has given me a whole new experience that I will treasure for the entire life. It was the meetings, social events and people there which made it wonderful.

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The Digital Warrior’s Children Carnival 2010

Desiree Ho (Class 2009)

Organizing the Digital Warrior’s Children’s Carnival was one of the most memorable events of NetMission for me, because we overcame a lot of difficulties in the process.

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The 12th APNG Camp in Hiroshima (12-15/7/2010)

Yvonne Ni (Class 2009)

The 12th APNG was really a great camp overall. The committee provided us with really good accommodation, catering and most importantly a valuable platform to exchange ideas with all the internet next generation pioneers with the kind help and patient guide generously offered by experts in this field as well as the municipal of Hiroshima city, a city of peace.

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