NetMission Ambassadors 2020-21

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Abdul Saboor Akbari is from Afghanistan. He was born in Herat, Afghanistan, and did his bachelor’s degree in law. Currently, he is a master’s student in Business administration at Istanbul Aydin University and studying his last semester as an exchange student with UNAERP – Universidade de Ribeirão Preto in Brazil. Saboor is passionate about joining different activities such as volunteering in social and educational activities, human rights, and business-related programs. He also cares about society a lot and wants to fulfill his responsibilities as a human for all human beings. That is why he is always trying to learn beneficial issues and participate in capacity-building and enriching programs.

Ahnaf Sadat Zakaria is a 4th-year Business Student at Bangladesh University of Professionals. He is majoring in Finance and minoring in economics.  He is currently a part of the Net Mission Internet governance academy. He was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. During his time as a business undergrad, he has learned to identify and address problems. He is a problem solver by nature. He enjoys problem-solving competitions. He participates in them because he wants to solve some of the world’s bigger problems. His participation in Net Mission Academy has introduced him to the world of internet governance. It has opened his eyes to some of the most dyer problems of our times related to the internet. He has had the privilege to interact with organizations and experts on various topics related to internet governance. He hopes to impact the world through what he has learned.

Akram Qadir Rashid is a graduate of the Medical Laboratory Science department in 2020. He has done several pieces of research in the laboratories trying to discover new methods to treat human skin problems and statistical research regarding the current Covid-19 pandemic. He worked in many local and international organizations, which led him to become a multi-skilled administrative and professional trainer that possesses prominent interpersonal, communication, and linguistic skills. Also, he became knowledgeable in teaching, public speaking, and coaching. Spending most of his time learning and doing humanitarian works. Now, Akram is working as a social activist doing community projects and running a non-governmental organization focusing on youth and education. Akram has been through many experiences, but the most interesting one was the NetMission academy which was challenging, yet joyful. He interacting with expert guest speakers selected for each topic regarding internet government.

Angela Judhia Arkandhi is a fourth-year Pharmacy undergraduate student from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. She is a life-long learner and an enthusiastic leader striving for excellence with a growth mindset and proven public speaking capabilities. Angela sees herself as an expert-generalist to be, so she loves to learn new things outside of her major and gaining experiences from various opportunities. She has an interest in the 2030 SDGs goals, which became her basic pillars in finding and joining opportunities. Currently, she is a Youth Opportunities Ambassador for Indonesia and was also the co-founder of which is an organization based on gender equality with missions to eradicate underage marriage.

Aldrich Clyde Aquino is a 19-year-old Filipino who was born and raised in the Philippines. A student of Southville International School and College with a GPA of 3.5 and a consistent dean’s list in the field of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with the specialization in Artificial Intelligence 1st year college. He is also a creative and passionate vlogger who shares his knowledge and experience in life. He also likes the topic of human rights in the world of the internet. Because Aldrich is living in a country where people post mean things or even fake news so that they could be heard or sometimes they are doing it to become famous in the world of the Internet. The reason why Aldrich wants this topic is that he would like to change things in the Philippines and have the limitation on what are the things you are allowed to post on social media. All negative posts will be assessed first before the post goes in public.

Arbi Wijaya was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is currently a final-year student at Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta with a study program of Economic Development. He was one of the selected participants of the Internet Governance Academy for Youth presented by NetMission.Asia. The academy has given him tons of learning which is related to youth advocating on the Internet and governance issues.  He was given online training programs in case of gaining his capability about the issues and these sequences have made him aware of all key issues that must be advocated by the youths in Asia.

Ariff Azam, hailing from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, is a 20-year-old boy who is curious and intrigued about how exactly the internet is governed. Human rights advocacy will always be his focal concern as he is a first-year law student at a local university, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), howbeit, internet governance is a new field that he is willing to dive into and this makes him caught between two stools. Driven and infused by a spirit of inquiry, he begins his internet governance journey by applying for Netmission Academy which is introduced by his peer. From the outset, he has no knowledge vis-à-vis internet governance, which is usually misapprehended to be ‘governmental transactions’. As he is bewildered and perplexed by the misconception pertaining to internet governance, he joins Netmission Academy which is held for few months which he is assigned to human rights online working group. His internet governance journey does not cease once the Academy ends as he participates in other working groups for upcoming events.

Bea S. Guevarra is a 21-year-old raised in California, USA but is presently residing in the Philippines. She is what she calls a “Pandemic Graduate,” Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in Southville International School and Colleges. She is furthering her studies by pursuing her Master’s in Information Technology degree in the same institution. She is also a Microsoft Technology Associate on several specializations. Bea has always been passionate about raising awareness of Internet Governance. As well as, speaking up as a youth concerning issues on the Internet. She believes that the youth should not be scared to speak up and that it is important for their voices to be heard.

Chen Linying (Vicky) is a year-2 BBA student from The Open University of Hong Kong. She’s majoring in Global Marketing and Supply Chain Management. Chen is passionate about joining different activities such as volunteering and business-related programs. She also cares about society and wants to fulfill her responsibilities as a citizen. The NetMission training sessions helped her understand various internet issues and were an eye-opening opportunity for her to know more about Internet governance. She is particularly keen on Diversity and Multi-stakeholder Participation. What is really appealing to Chen is that listening to understand other parties’ opinions drives her to think in multiple ways and the process of exchanging opinions with others encourages her to comprehend internet issues thoughtfully.

Eisha Irfan is a second-year business student currently residing in Hong Kong. “Business” has always been a passion for her and she has definitely worked hard for everything in her life. Being a business student, life is quite busy but there has always been an enthusiasm in her to explore more and be a multi-player. Stepping out of her comfort zone, she stepped into NetMission Academy with hopes to see the world from a different angle.

Gaurav Mishra is a second-year student with a bachelor’s degree in Arts at the Lucknow University, India. He was born in Gorakhpur and now based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. He is an avid writer, with a manifest target to achieve an echelon post. As a sociology student, he is interested in studying and understanding the day-to-day problems of society and giving possible solutions to them.

Gordon TSUI is a year 4 student studying Professional Accountancy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He does not have a background in computer science or political science studies, though he is strongly interested in international politics and Internet governance. He is strongly interested in the relationship between human rights and the Internet as he believes the Internet is becoming a hub in spreading new revolutionary ideas that might influence the societal, political, and economical scenes.

Guntur Ramadhan grew up in Sumedang, Indonesia. He is a sophomore majoring in software engineering at the Indonesia University of Education in Faculty UPI Cibiru.  His professional interests focus on web development and data science. He is never involved in any initiatives related to Internet governance before joining the NetMission Academy. He is interested in access and empowerment particularly because he believes that with empowerment, the internet will be more beneficial to his community. He found Netmission academy is a great opportunity for the youth to enrich their knowledge about internet governance.

Hiskia Sianipar comes from North Sumatera, Indonesia. He loves reading, watching anime, playing badminton, and joining international virtual conference/internship. He is currently studying at the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in Astronomy. He is active in Himastron ITB (Astronomy’s organization at ITB). His favorite Internet governance topics are ICANN policies and human rights online.

James Paek is an activist, public speaker, professional, and advocate for sustainable development goals. He also holds two positions for non-profit organizations, Board of Directors of College and Readiness from InventSTEM and Co-Founder and Vice-President of Advocacy of the #TheDearGovernment Organization. He is a recent graduate from the University of North Georgia with an Associate Degree in Political Science and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of Georgia. He currently resides in Cumming, Georgia, United States of America. James is also involved in ICANN, Youth4IG, IGF, Internet Society, and Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum discussing one of the pressing issues of internet governance such as cybersecurity, digital privacy, data protection, artificial intelligence, etc. In addition, James is also a fellow at UNA-USA for the emerging leader’s fellowship program and global ambassadors fellowship program.

Kawai Satria Liantama is a final-year student that is pursuing his master’s degree in Business Management at BINUS University, Jakarta, Indonesia. Kawai has been joining the Internet governance community and enthusiastically involved in IG-related things since 2019. He started his journey in IG when he worked for PANDI (Indonesia Registry) as an Internship student. He was also APIGA Fellow in 2019. As a form of his dedication within the Internet governance community, he has been engaged with several initiatives such as Youth4IG and Internet Society Asia-Pacific regional. He is interested in making the internet accessible for every party and providing safer internet for the community.

Mahboba Mahmoodi is a 4th-year student of Computer Science and Engineering (Hons) with a specialization in Cloud Computing in India. She was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, and her curiosity for computers and technical skills led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences in India. During her undergraduate degree, she has developed extensive coursework and laboratory skills in IT, which helped her to deep-dive into different concepts and grow interests in the field of Cloud computing. It has encouraged her to engage and use different tools and platforms. Besides, she has participated in different technical training sessions and events, completed certificates, and met professionals.

Martina Andrene Michael is a third-year political science student at University Science Malaysia. She is active in human rights advocacy and has led various campaigns and organizations championing the rights for refugees, women and girls and the LGBTQIA+ community in Malaysia.  She is currently the Vice President of a Sustainable Development Goals society in her university, the Associate Career Planner for the Southeast Asia Global Affairs Network and the Executive Council for the Southeast Asia Youth Peacebuilders Organization where she is the President for the Youth Diplomats for Peace. She has received a one star award under Roots and Shoots for her contribution in uplifting the environment.

Mohd Ali Jauhar is a final year Computer Engineering undergraduate at the Aligarh Muslim University in India. His quest for an inclusive and empowering internet brought him to the NetMission Academy 2021. He also wants to make every digital citizen of this world cybersecurity literate. The NMA expanded his horizon and now he has a much better understanding of how the internet, and the domain name industry.

Muhammad Umair Ali hails from Lahore, the heart of Pakistan. He is a junior year student of Bachelors in Electrical Engineering at the prestigious University of Engineering & Technology (UET) Lahore. Optimism, Courage, and Influence are his traits. Technology has always been his keen interest. He believes in the ability and the power of technology to unearth the untapped potentials of humans for a sustainable future. He is currently serving as the Brand Ambassador for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Global. He is also a youth leader at the working group of the International Telecommunication Unit (ITU) Asia-Pacific-Region focused on crafting feasible proposals for the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC’21). Back at home, He is the Co-Chairperson for the Industrial Applications Society (IAS) IEEE UET. Moreover, he is a seasoned team-builder, an exceptional team player, and an influencing team leader.

Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh is a master’s degree student in International Commerce of Seoul National University from Vietnam. She is the Vice Representative of her major and Vice President of Vietnamese Students Association in Seoul National University. She also works as the Project Manager of World Reporter- a website providing useful information for international students in South Korea.

Linh is interested in human rights online and sustainable development. She joins NetMission Asia 2021 with the aim of gaining more knowledge about these issues and sharing her experience with the internet problem in Vietnam.

Paolo Obach, who was born in the Philippines and raised in New Zealand, is a year-one undergraduate taking up a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in Southville International Schools and Colleges. His interest in human rights online and providing a safer internet for its users — in particular, the topic concerning the multi-faceted nature of the issues surrounding online content moderation — had driven him to learn more about it through NetMission Academy. Paolo is passionate about encouraging the involvement of the youth in internet governance, especially with the internet being one of the most revolutionary and significant technologies ever made in human history and the vital role it plays in today’s society.

Peter Atem is a South Sudanese who was recently awarded Turkey Scholarship, he is now based in Turkey and he is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in nursing at Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi. He is also an educator for climate change at South Sudan Climate School where he saved as a teacher. He was among the participant of the 5th international conference with UNESCO APCEIU and he was recognized for his creative thinking and ability to develop thoughtful opinions on a variety of issues. In 2014, he saved as food monitor with Oxfam intermon, Mingkaman, South Sudaneveryone was impressed by Peter’s attitude towards his work and his performance on the job. Peter possesses the ultimate ‘can do’ attitude while taking on all tasks with a positive energy and smile. His upbeat personality and engaging personal style enable him to interact effectively withs beneficiaries and staff. He is very well organized and keeps track of the detials necessary to coordinate events of his work. He is so committed to empowering young people with knowledge and equal opportunities for learning to provides positive solutions that will support internet governance.

Pham Thu Ngan is a law student from Hanoi, Vietnam with ardent devotion to social work and youth empowerment. She is currently interested in civil rights and policy-making in the virtual world. She believes Internet-related regulations and policies are the foundation of the future development of the Internet. NetMission Academy 2021 is her first engagement in Internet governance. Among the issues, topics related to the digital economy and emerging technologies, and human rights online are those which strongly resonate with Ngan. The training has equipped her with valuable knowledge to further her legal studies and also inspired her to take action, particularly to assist other youths in navigating the virtual world through learning about cyber-security, media literacy, and digital development.

Phyo Thiri Lwin is a social science master’s student at the Yangon University of Economics. She is passionate about Internet Governance activities to initiate in her region. She joined yIGF 2020 Virtual Camp and she started her Internet Governance Journey through it. She also participated in the APrIGF and explored to get more about the current issues in the Asian-Pacific Region through it. She then continues her IG journey as a student ambassador at the NetMission Academy 2021 and a youth committee member at Youth IGF Myanmar. She is interested in cybersecurity and privacy particularly. Currently, her interests related to the internet issues are misinformation and disinformation, and accessible internet, which are the biggest concerns in her region. She is also trying to help the people to be aware of those issues and sharing reliable information on the other hand.

Raghu Gagneja is presently in his freshman year at Symbiosis Law School, Pune, India pursuing an LLB degree. He further has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Having always been interested in public policy, Raghu has been working with organizations focused on promoting digital rights and advocating for a better internet ecosystem. He intends to pursue independent and collaborative research in critical digital rights issues of intermediary liability, privacy law, internet shutdowns, and data protection, in addition to exploring domains of freedom of expression on the internet, and technology and gender.

Raisa Ramin Nadia is a science student from Viqarunnisa Noon College studying in 11th grade. She is very keen and passionate about the STEM-related field. Her main goal is to become an astronaut and help the backward females and youths in stem fields who don’t get the opportunity in such fields. As a teenager, she thinks youths have the power and strength to win this world. Her main field of interest is public speaking, debating, Model United Nations, community contributions, reading books and reviewing them, painting and creating calligraphies .lastly but not least, she is a computer programmer and working to develop an android app. She works as a youth climate change volunteer in an organization. She is also an active member of Awareness 360 Disseminate gender equality rights everywhere.

Ratu Bintang Assyifa Arweys is an International Relations bachelor’s student at Tokyo International University. Bintang was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, but is currently studying abroad in Japan. Prior to joining the Academy, Bintang is an active volunteer both in her home country and in Japan. As a sophomore in her study, Bintang is passionate about human rights online and raising awareness of internet governance. Throughout her involvement in NetMission Academy, Bintang presented and engaged with experts on board, especially on the topic of RIRs and human rights. In the future, Bintang wishes to use her knowledge and training to work within international governance and advocate for an equal, free, and fair use of the internet for everyone.

Samantha Del Monte is a 19-year-old Filipino-Chinese student residing in the Philippines. She is currently a first-year college student at Southville International School and Colleges. There, she is undertaking the course Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and is a member of the Junior Philippine Computer Society – Southville Chapter. The Internet governance issues she concerns the most are Internet access and human rights online.

Sapni G Krishna is currently in her final year of law at the School of Law, Christ in Bengaluru, India. Having worked with various organizations that engage in the larger discussion around technology policy in India, she has developed a deep interest in the intersection of technology, policy and the society. She is also one of the co-founders of robs of Tech Law and Policy, a publishing space for people belonging to the underrepresented genders on matters at the intersection of technology, law, policy, and society. She hopes to continue contributing to the IG community and NetMission’s endeavor to onboard more people to make internet governance truly democratic.

Shradha Pandey is currently pursuing her penultimate year of Law Degree at National Law University, Tamil Nadu, India. She is primarily interested in studying the inter-relation of Sustainable Development Goals and their promotion of Rural Development in the digital era. Her interest in Internet governance was ignited when she was a fellow at the Fourth India School On Internet Governance 2019 (InSIG 2019). She then consistently works with various youth coalitions, such as Youth4IG and Youth IGF India. She has been researching the effect of policies on rural communities, especially on women. She is a member of the Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan national flagship program (UBA) in her university and likes to work towards making the internet affordable and promoting universal acceptance in the field of internet governance. She is a passionate advocate of liberty and seeks to educate, develop and empower the people at the grassroots to be agents of change in their communities.

Simon Okomo Aloo is a fellow at Mindselo Global Impact Program (MGIF) 2021 (India). Over the past years, Simon has engaged in various youth programs as he advances his role in youth development. He was presented with the best speaker’s award during the 2020 International Youth Leader Exchange Program, and subsequently excellence award by the Korea Youth Work Agency (KYWA) in honor of his contributions in offering creative ideas on possible solutions for Corona Virus and Life changes (Ref: published in Asia pacific Africa cooperation academy’s broadsheet). Simon has an academic background in BSc. Food Science and nutrition in which he holds first-class honors from Karatina University, Kenya. He is an alumnus of the 2018 Korea Global scholarship program for Young Upcoming African Agricultural Experts, hosted by Asia Pacific Africa Cooperation Academy. He holds a certificate of best student in this program. Simon is currently a second-year master’s student of Food Science and Biotechnology at Kangwon National University (KNU). He has worked as a special advisor to the office of International affairs at KNU on the implementation strategies for the Korea Global study program in the university as well as the University online support committee member.

Taimur Shahzad is currently a postgraduate student in the field of Computer Sciences at COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan. His research is in machine learning and networking. He was an APNIC48 Fellow in 2019. He has been engaged with Youth4IG as a member, helping to compile a resource person list for the outreach of the organization. Additionally, he attended pkSIG2020, APriGF2020, IGF2020, & APNIC50, 51 and from that point forward he has been an active member of ISOC Pakistan, Islamabad Chapter. It was then he was enlightened with the importance of the Internet and the role of stakeholders to provide access and empower the community. He has participated in the NetMission Academy 2020-21 and is now a NetMission Ambassador. He is also working at NetMission Digital Content Team.

Theresia Magdalena Theofanny is a penultimate year psychology student from the University of Indonesia. Having an immense interest in international affairs, she is always out to find global opportunities to deepen her understanding of various issues about the world. Theresia loves participating in youth advocacy programs as it enables her to connect with fellow youths who share the same dream of bettering the world. Theresia is most intrigued by the topic of human rights online as she has a particular concern for social issues and human rights.

Unzila Faheem is a second-year student currently pursuing her pharmacy degree at the University of Sindh, Jamshoro in Pakistan. She is passionate about healthcare, health policy, scientific research, and education. She spends her free time pouring over books, teaching, and volunteering and might also be found near potatoes. Having dealt with cyberattacks personally, she is an advocate of informing the local population about cybersecurity, particularly women, so that more people can have a safer and cyber-secure internet experience. She thoroughly enjoyed and learned about internet policy-making from her experience with the NetMission Academy, humbled by the opportunity.

Usama Nasir is a talented student from Bahawalpur, Pakistan who has completed his Bachelor of Science in physics. He is a topper student among his fellows by getting his selection in University of Stirling, Australia and in Mevlana Exchange Program, Selcuk University, Turkey. He is also a position holder of University Projects, International Scholarships, Quiz Competition, International Certificates, Exchange Program, PM laptop Scheme, and four-year Annual Merit-based scholarship. Usama is moving to study for his master’s degree at Kyoto University of Applied Sciences by getting a fully-funded scholarship. He is also working as a member of the Pakistan Youth Awareness Council, United State Institute of Peace, and in Team Infinity.

Vicki Monica Sari is currently studying at the University of Singaperbangsa Karawang for the second year in international relations. She is passionate about multistakeholderism and diversity in Internet governance because she believes it is the essential element in building the future of the Internet for the community.

Zin Myo Htet is a third-year university Student from Yangon, Myanmar, specializing in Anthropology at the University of Yangon (UY). He is a creative and active youth, passionate about Internet Governance (IG). He is also the Youth Committee Member at Youth Internet Governance Forum Myanmar (yIGF Myanmar 2021). He is passionate about many of the internet-governance issues such as internet shutdown, cybersecurity, human rights online, digital safety, and access to information.