Annual Meeting Reports

Asia Pacific Youth Internet Governance Forum (yIGF) is a 4-day-3-night preparation camp for the youth to participate in APrIGF and to open their door to Internet policy discussion. It serves as an open platform for the youth to express and interchange their ideas and thoughts on issues of Internet governance. You may find more details about yIGF at our social media page.

Final Reports:

Asia Pacific YIGF 2020, Virtual Camp
Asia Pacific YIGF 2019, Vladivostok
Asia Pacific YIGF 2018, Vanuatu
Asia Pacific YIGF 2017, Bangkok
Asia Pacific YIGF 2016, Taipei
Asia Pacific YIGF 2014, Delhi
Asia Pacific YIGF 2013, Seoul
Asia Pacific YIGF 2010, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Youth IGF (HKyIGF) is a platform for local youth to learn about Internet governance and voice out their opinions. Recognized by the IGF secretariat of the United Nations, it also serves as the bridge to the wider Asia youth community and the global dialogue. You may find more details about HKyIGF at

Final Reports:
香港青年網絡管治論壇 HKYIGF 2020
香港青年網絡管治論壇 HKYIGF 2019
香港青年網絡管治論壇 HKYIGF 2018
香港青年網絡管治論壇 HKYIGF 2016