HKyIGF 2017

Hong Kong Youth Internet Governance Forum 2017


Hong Kong Internet Governance Forum 15 – Aug – 2017 (HKYIGF2017)

Essay competition and presentation on eSport, Privacy, Social Media

HKYIGF 2017 was successfully held in Chinese University of Hong Kong in August 15. Secondary students from various schools have shown their big interest in Internet Governance. They gave a project presentation on the topic related to eSport, Privacy, Social Media. As a Digital Native who grows-up in the digital age, they showed us their big concern on Privacy invasion, Development on eSport, and the Use of Social Media.  The winning team brought the remarkable presentation to us on the topic of Discovering Social Media Accessibility: Does the disabled gain access to social media with ease?  , and the winning team will have a partial scholarship to attend the 12th Internet Governance Forum, which will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, from 18 to 21 December 2017. 

Seminar on Right to be forgotten 

In 2017 Summer, a group of NetMission ambassadors visited Bangkok, Thailand to organize Youth Internet Governance Forum (YIGF) which is parallel to Asia Pacific region Internet Governance (APrIGF). We brought the discussion from APrIGF to HKYIGF with an honorable guest from Association of I.T. Leaders in Education and Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia organization to co-host a panel discussion and gave some basic ideas about what is right to be forgotten to students.

Interaction with popular Youtuber 

They seized the opportunity to ask questions to our honorable guests about running a Youtube channel. By having secondary school teachers who run a youtube channel (hk3teachers) for educating student liberal studies, they gained many hands on experiences about what should be careful as a content provider on the internet.  This year, we also have a full-time YouTuber on board who have 500K subscriber and share some real life situation he faced in recent year, for example, hate speech, cyber bullying, changing in social media platform etc…


(Panel discussion on Right to be forgotten in Youtuber perspective) (Honourable guest : HK3Teachers Liberal Studies Channel, PH production)

Special thanks to members of HKYIGF working group 2017 :

Cadence Lin, Jenny Lam, Natalie Cho, Raymond Yang, Samuel Law, Shirley Wong, Sherry Shek, Timoty Cheng

NetMission Ambassador 

NET (Networking Opportunity, Empowering Youth, Talent Development) is a model to achieve the mission of youth empowerment in internet governance, ambassadors who have received year-round training and gained oversee conference experience will form a working group to work on community projects like HKYIGF, yIGF, APIGA. We hope these kinds of community works can raise public awareness of what is internet governance.

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