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NetMission ambassadors are involved in different Internet Governance events, such as Asia Pacific Youth IGF (yIGF), Hong Kong Youth IGF (HKyIGF), Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy (APIGA), as youth organizers or youth facilitators every year. Different kinds of training materials like info toolkit, game toolkit, learning materials, guidelines, etc. have been developed overtime, and they are now available on our official website. Explore our resources to help develop capacity building trainings for youth in your local community.

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  4. Hong Kong Youth IGF (HKyIGF)

NetMission Academy

The NetMission Academy is a series of online sessions designed to equip youth with the knowledge and discussion skills to participate in Internet policy making. The sessions will include one orientation webinar, followed by 7 training workshops. These 1.5-hour workshops will be interactive discussion sessions, with expert guest speakers selected for each topic. Selected fellows will be assigned into thematic groups to research and prepare for the respective session as a host.

NetMission Academy 2021: Training Modules

NetMission Academy 2020: Training Modules


Asia Pacific Youth IGF (yIGF)

Youth Internet Governance Forum (yIGF) is a 4-day-3-night preparation camp for the youth to participate in APrIGF and to open their door to Internet policy discussion. It serves as an open platform for the youth to express and interchange their ideas and thoughts on issues of Internet governance. It aims to raise youth’s awareness of Internet governance discourse and to engage youth in policy discussion and the decision-making process.

yIGF 2020

yIGF 2019

yIGF 2018

yIGF 2017

yIGF 2016

yIGF 2015

yIGF 2014


Idea Wall


Role Play


Initiative Planning


Land Developer


Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy (APIGA): Mock ICANN Meeting

APIGA is a 5-day capacity development workshop targeted at, but not limited to, undergraduate and graduate students from universities and tertiary educational institutions in the Asia Pacific (APAC). Anyone between the age of 18 and 35 from the region interested in Internet governance issues is welcome to apply. Now in its fourth year, participants will delve into Internet governance issues, the multi-stakeholder process, and ICANN through an interactive learning experience.

APIGA 2019

  APIGA 2018

APIGA 2017 

Mock ICANN MeetingAPIGA 2016    

Hong Kong Youth IGF (HKyIGF)

HKYIGF: Netizens Seminar

Toolkit 1:

 HKYIGF: Internet Governance Training Camp

Toolkit 2:
Training Camp

HKYIGF: Youth Internet Summit

Toolkit 3:

HKyIGF 2020

HKyIGF 2019