Mission & Vision


  • To support the autonomous development of positive initiatives for the Internet community at large by youth
  • To engage a network of young people to dedicate their time and efforts in supporting digital inclusion and the development of projects, policies and ideas to further the open and collaborative spirit of the Internet;
  • To empower young minds, through training, exchange opportunities, International conferences and community projects, to constructively contribute to the local, regional and global Internet governance discourse.
  • To encourage the further empowerment of young participants to advance, protect and defend the open and multi-stakeholder development, governance and use of a respectable and harmonious Internet environment for the benefit of all people in Asia and throughout the world


The NetMission Ambassadors (NetMission.Asia) program aims to bring together a network of dedicated young volunteers devoted towards promoting and contributing towards a collaborative and sustainable Internet as well as youth engagement on Internet governance.

The vision of NetMission is that the empowerment of, and the informed perspectives and participation from young digital natives, provide substantive and constructive enrichment to the multi-stakeholder Internet governance discourse, globally and locally, now and into the future.