HKyIGF 2016

Hong Kong Youth Internet Governance Forum 2016

In 2016, NetMission Ambassadors launched the first Hong Kong Youth Internet Governance Forum (HKYIGF), aiming at providing mass education among local high schools in engaging teenagers to take part in global discussion as digital citizens, facilitating them to develop the sense of belonging in the digital society and understanding their rights and responsibilities with mutual respect to other Internet users. To accomplish these goals, they had launched a seminar, a training camp, and a summit. HKYIGF will serve as an annual platform to further engage the younger generation in Internet-related discussions.


1. Netizens Seminar – 25 Jun 2016

In understanding the current Internet hot issues, guests from Government, NGOs, Industry and startups will be invited to share in the talk series. Topics such as digital inclusion, cyberbullying, privacy and social innovation will be discussed.

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2. Internet Governance Training Camp – 8-10 Jul 2016

HKYIGF Internet Governance Training Camp was successfully held in Chinese University of Hong Kong. 45 secondary students from various schools have shown their big interest in Internet Governance. They seized the opportunity to learn from the honorable guests from industry, government and NGOs during workshops. By attending the interactive activities, delivering presentation about leveraging ICT to reach Sustainable Development Goals, one-minute individual speech on interested IG topics, making a short video on Safer Internet collaboratively, etc., the participants not only got to understand different aspects of Internet Governance, but also experienced the discussion model in IGF. We are impressed with the students’ performance and enthusiasm.


3. Youth Internet Summit – 18 Jul 2016

A whole day summit held in 18 Jul 2016 summer, participants hosted various workshops based on UNIGF discussion model, to review the topics and agenda as set in Youth IGF Camp. Guests also are invited to attend workshops as the panelist to exchange Ideas.

By the end of the summit, outcome paper will be issued to summarize certain topics discussed during the summit, and representaties will be selected to attend UNIGF 2016 with the mission of bringing voices from Hong Kong Youth to Internet policy discourse in International level.

The report of HKyIGF 2016 is now available on our website, you may click here to find out more.

NetMission Ambassador 

NET (Networking Opportunity, Empowering Youth, Talent Development) is a model to achieve the mission of youth empowerment in internet governance, ambassadors who have received year-round training and gained oversee conference experience will form a working group to work on community projects like HKYIGF, yIGF, APIGA. We hope these kinds of community works can raise public awareness of what is internet governance.

If you are interested in youth engagement in Internet Governance, please kindly visit our training materials.

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