NetMission Ambassadors 2019-20

Akhmadjon Zokirov (Vladivostok, Russia)
Bachelor’s Degree in General Medicine

Axi was born and grew up in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and as every person in Central Asia, his second language was Russian which was the reason for choosing his university in the Russian Federation. Currently, He is studying General Medicine at Far Eastern Federal University, in Vladivostok, Russia which is in the Asia Pacific Region. Before joining the Netmission Internet Academy, He took part in APrIGF 2019 where he first discovered fundamentals of internet governance. He wants to be a Plastic Surgeon in the future, also devote himself to developing Telemedicine and Distance Robotic Surgery. He is also leading a project in Neuroengineering in team “Alpha” with creating lower limb prosthesis for disabled patients. His passion is combining medical innovations with informational technologies using principles of internet governance.

Amogh Palleri Chettuparambil (Kerala, India)
Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering

Amogh PC is from Kerala, India. He is pursuing a Ph.D. from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore. He received M.Tech. Degree in Computer science and engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India in 2018. His research interests include Network Functions Virtualization, Software-Defined Networking, Network Service Orchestration, and Security in 5G and Internet Of Things. He is also an open-source enthusiast who adores to code in sublime.
The accelerated advancements in technologies like 5G, AI, IoT, Big data, Blockchain injected strong impetus to economic, security, and social implications. I am passionate about internet governance transformation with emerging technologies. NetMission’s training program embraced different aspects of Internet Governance. It was also a great learning experience to engage and work with the young visionaries from various universities in the Asia Pacific. Kudos to the team, guest speakers from different supporting organizations, and NetMission buddies. I appreciate your time and effort in the training program. I also got the opportunity to collaborate and work with the working group Diversity and Multi-Stakeholder Participation to research on the topic, identifying the potential case studies for the discussion. I look forward to collaborating and engaging with the academy in the future.

Ananda Gautam (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Master’s Degree in Information Technology

Gautam is a Graduate of BSc. (Hons) Networking and IT Security from London Metropolitan University. Gautam is a fellow of first-ever NpSIG 2018 and has been actively involved and contributing to the internet governance ecosystem in Nepal and the Asia Pacific Region. He has represented in APRICOT 2018, InSIG 2019, Asia Pacific Community Network Exchange as a fellow. He is also actively involved in incapacitating and encouraging youth involvement in Internet Governance. Gautam is also selected as Next-Gen Fellow for ICANN 68 and represents APrIGF as an MSG Member.

Gautam is passionate in the areas of Access and empowerment, role of community networks in the developing world to connect the unconnected, Data-driven policy making, Youth empowerment in Internet governance, Cybersecurity prospects and emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

It has been a very great opportunity to join NetMission Academy and learn about widespread aspects of internet governance, this has unquestionably helped me out to widen my understanding of Internet Governance. I look forward to collaborating with all stakeholders in the future to get engaged and spread about internet governance issues.

Ananya Singh (Bhubaneswar, India)
Bachelor’s Degree in Economics

Ananya is an undergraduate student of economics who is extremely passionate about & committed to supporting young girls to stay “relevant, productive, and efficient” in the labor force for the futuristic digital economy. She has been selected as the NextGen Ambassador for ICANN68 Meeting in Malaysia in June 2020 and was a Fellow at the Asia-Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum in Russia in 2019. She represented India at NextGen@ICANN64 Meeting in Japan in 2019.

She was the Global Facilitator for the Samsung Junior Engineering Academy in Seoul, Korea in 2019 and is the 24th Eco-Generation Ambassador to South Asia for UNEP and Samsung Engineering, South Korea supported Tunza Eco-Generation. Previously, Ananya was the 23rd and 22nd Regional Ambassador to Afghanistan, and the 21st Regional Ambassador to India on behalf of Tunza Eco-Generation. She has also been selected as a young Changemaker for She Creates Change by for her campaign on compulsory digital defense trainings for young girls. She has been a Judge for and also a 2-time Silver Prize winner of the Queen’s Commonwealth International Essay competition organized by the Royal Commonwealth Society, London.

Ananya describes her experience during the NetMission Academy 2019-20 as a refreshingly interesting and intellectually stimulating one which helped her discover the IG ecosystem beyond her then existing areas of interest. It helped her gain insights on and develop a passion for cybersecurity, digital economy, digital rights, and misinformation in the age of social media. It helped her distinguish between “too less internet” and “too much internet” which uncovered how policymaking to govern cyberspace is increasingly important. She remains indebted to NetMission.Asia for rendering such as engaging and enriching opportunities to the youth.

Aneesah Khadijah Suhaidi (Kedah, Malaysia)
Associate Degree in Law

Aneesah Khadijah Suhaidi is a pre-law student at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UITM) Dengkil in Selangor, Malaysia. She is an active member of the Internet Society Malaysia Chapter (ISOC MY), where she has voluntarily organized various Internet governance initiatives such as the Malaysian Youth @ Safer Internet Day and other digital literacy activities for the youth in her local community. Aneesah’s activism and passion in Internet governance have allowed her to work closely with a number of Government agencies as well as organizations such as Google, the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia, cybersecurity Malaysia, and many more. In NetMission Academy, she is inspired to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and hopes to help achieve them by collectively working together with local, regional and global stakeholders to address the various Internet challenges that exist such as access, digital literacy, human rights, and digital ethics. In her spare time, Aneesah uses her social media platforms (@aneesahkhadijah) to educate others on Internet governance, to create content, and inspire others to maintain a positive online environment.

Arvind Kumar (Chennai, India)
Master’s Degree in Development Studies

Arvind Kumar is currently a fourth-year Development Studies student at the Indian Institute of Technology Chennai. Coming from a rural part of the country, he experienced the day-to-day challenges of living in a place where governmental institutions and policies are dissociated from the lives of the populace and aspire to work in this domain to bridge that gap. He has worked in development sector projects in parts of rural India to understand the impacts and shortcomings of various government policies.
Beginning as an amateur in the internet governance and allied fields, Arvind has acquired a great deal of understanding about Internet Governance, Privacy Issues, Online Human Rights Issues, Digital Economy and Emerging Economies over these two months by attending thought-provoking sessions of fellow participants and guest speakers. As a part of the Net Mission Academy 2020, “Access and Empowerment” and “Digital Economy” are the fields he has become passionate about and wants to work in the future. He is also interested in youth issues and the education sector. He also had the opportunity to lead a presentation on ‘Access and Empowerment’ and was successful in highlighting various issues responsible for the exclusion of a large section of society.
Arvind found NetMission program very valuable and a great opportunity to directly interact with leaders of this field. Overall, it has been a great learning experience for him and he is looking forward to continuing to be an active member of this community.

Cheung Chui Wing Wendy (Hong Kong)
Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology and Business Management

Wendy is a second-year undergraduate majoring in Applied psychology and Business Management at The Open University of Hong Kong. She is an easygoing and enthusiastic person to various social issues, these drive her to become a NetMission Ambassador. Wendy was interested in human rights online. Through the NetMission Academy, she found that the guest speakers are so nice that they answered our questions in detail and patiently, they are very professional and make our ambassadors have more understanding of Internet governance. By preparing a presentation of human rights online, she did lots of research and internal meetings with her group mates. She learned that human rights online is protecting people’s privacy on the Internet to ensure people are using a safe and open medium. She claimed that the recent issues including disinformation and misinformation are closely related to this topic, people around the world should know more about it. What’s more, Wendy enjoyed working with all ambassadors since they were so active and always gave constructive responses, she has been through a fruitful academy.

Connie Siu (Hong Kong)
Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering

Connie is a half Portuguese from Hong Kong and a freshman at The Chinese University of Hong Kong majoring in biomedical engineering. She first got involved in Internet governance through The Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong by participating twice in the United Nations Internet Governance Forum back in 2016 and 2017. While being 15 years old then, that didn’t hinder sparking her passion for Internet governance, and 3 years later, NetMission Academy provided her with the perfect opportunity to learn more on various aspects of Internet governance and discover her interests, as well as broaden her horizons through discussions with distinguished speakers and other NetMission fellows. After all the informative presentations and sharing, she found her interests in access, diversity, gender, and youth issues, and aspire to learn more about policy-making and cyber-security. Realizing how the Internet and technology are getting more prevalent as time passes and soon will transform into a must everyone’s lives, at just the age of 18, she looks forward to continuing her engagement in Internet governance to give suggestions, make improvements and use her skills of speaking 4 languages and her bettering technological competence to help shape the ideal Internet world.

Farhan Shahmi (Bandar Baru Bangi, Malaysia)
Bachelor’s Degree in International Communication Studies

Farhan Shahmi, an aspiring digital literacy advocate from Kuala Lumpur, is a Netmission Ambassador from the class of 2019 – 2020. A University of Nottingham Malaysia student studying International Communication Studies, ‘Han’, as he’d be called, was introduced to the world of internet governance after being crowned Champion of the 2017 National ICT Discourse (NICTSeD), a hackathon-style competition which introduced him to elements of digital fluency, as well as the art of pitching proposals. This, however, was only the beginning.

With a stroke of luck, he was accepted to the esteemed Netmission Academy, which provided much training, support, and knowledge on the fundamentals of internet governance. In Netmission, he was exposed to a wide array of topics, amongst which are Internet Governance infrastructure, cybersecurity, as well as access and empowerment. He was part of a working group presenting on the theme of Human Rights Online, with emphasis on misinformation and disinformation. NetMission was also vital in exposing Han to the unique work environment and challenges ever-so-present in internet governance, ie. working online together with people across nationalities and timezones. With the skills and knowledge gained from Netmission, Han had put it to good use, and was instrumental in the development of the 2020 Malaysian Youth Safer Internet Day. Now, he is working towards introducing a multi-stakeholder approach to digital and media literacy. Reach him for collaborations on Instagram @ppankeki, or Twitter @hanthehighness.

Felicia Yunike (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
Bachelor’s Degree in Law

Her name is Felicia Yunike. She grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. This was her first time joining the Netmission Academy and engaging with the community which particularly focuses on the Internet-related matters. She was so glad to get this rare opportunity to have an interaction with the guest speakers. Their sharing and materials mean a lot to her. One of her favorites is Human Rights Online which she has previously learned at law school. Whereas, one of the challenges that she faced prior to the training sessions is that it took time for her to get used to the acronyms or terms along with the diagrams or pictures that she has never heard or seen before. For instance, there is a material showing how the internet works? And also there is a diagram showing the internet infrastructure which was quite confusing to her. But, as the times went by, she finally got used to catching on these terms and knows how it works. So, she is so grateful to participate in the Internet Governance community and hopes to do her best contribution for the Internet Governance community nationally and internationally. For networking purposes, she may be reached on Twitter: @felicialisa8.

Ibni Inggranti (Bandung, Indonesia)
Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications EngineeringIbni

Inggrianti is a NetMission Ambassador from Indonesia, pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications Engineering. After joining APIGA last year as a Fellow, she felt that she should continue her journey in Internet Governance by joining NetMission Academy. She found that Internet Governance was interesting and there were many things that she needs to learn. Because Internet Governance Academy helped her with some subjects she took in college. In addition, she also learned something new yet challenging. She is really interested in Cybersecurity, Safer Internet, and about Technologies. She was so glad to be able to take part in this Academy and interact directly with amazing guest speakers every week, as well as discuss with other Ambassadors. The experience she gained during this Academy was truly extraordinary and very useful for her going forward, especially in her future research in security and her work in Telematics Laboratory. This year, she was also chosen as NextGen@ICANN68. She was very grateful to NetMission for giving her the opportunity to learn together and discuss more deeply about internet-related issues and help her to continue to keep engage in the world of Internet Governance. For future networking, you are welcome to contact her through her social media, twitter: @inggriantibni, Instagram: @inggrianti.

Kaarika Das (Delhi, India)
PhD in Education Policy and Administration

Kaarika is currently a Research Scholar at the National Institute of Education Planning and Administration (NIEPA), with her research area concentrated in the EdTech policy space. She holds a Masters in Development and Labor Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University and a B.A(Hons) in Economics. Her interest areas include technology, education, gender, and labor. Her involvement in the Internet Governance space includes being a ‘Youth@IGF’ Fellow of Internet Society in 2017, inSIG National Fellow of 2018, and Online Expert Moderator for Internet Society Ambassador Program, 2019. She was also a Steering Committee member of the first-ever Youth IGF organized in India (Delhi, 2018). In Net Mission Academy, she was a part of the cohort presenting on ‘Digital Economy & Emerging Technologies’.

Kenneth Pamintuan (Las Piñas, The Philippines)
Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology

Kenneth is a 2nd year undergraduate student in Southville International School and Colleges, taking up Information Technology as his course. He is most passionate about the importance of accessibility of useful internet to more remote areas in his country and as well as dispelling and combatting the rampant presence of fake news all around social media, and how the average netizen can avoid to fall victim of it. He attended APrIGF 2019 at Vladivostok, Russia as a yIGF participant, where he learned multiple things about internet governance and how people from all around the world deal with the issues surrounding it. Afterwards, he also participated in the ISOC IGF Youth Ambassadors program in 2019, and has also attended multiple IT events in the Philippines (like Y4IT), and helped in managing a big IT event held in his school called IN2ITION.

Kenneth’s experience while joining NetMission Academy has been an absolute blast in terms of learning more about internet governance and meeting participants from different parts of the world. Internet governance topics have been something he has always been aware of, but NetMission really helped broaden his perspectives on it and truly made him understand much more about the internet governance sphere. The youth should definitely be more active in this important field which is relevant in all aspects of the world, and NetMission helps with this immensely, and he is truly optimistic and excited for what the future holds for him and his fellow participants, and how he can be able to contribute in improving the state of internet governance with even the littlest of steps.

Leonie Kim Kellerhof (Germany/ Beijing, China)
Master’s Degree in International Affairs

Leonie is originally from Hamburg, Germany and currently a first-year Master’s student at Peking University, where she studies International Affairs in a Dual Degree Programme with the London School of Economics. Having graduated from Leuphana University Lüneburg and the City University of Hong Kong with a Joint Bachelor’s in Digital Media and Political Science, she is passionate about the intersecting fields of technology, digital transformation, and global politics. In her current degree, she aims to deepen her knowledge about China, in order to understand the implications of Chinese digital technology developments for global politics. For her engagement and academic interest in these issues, she is honored to be the winner of the 2019 British Council Germany IELTS Award, as well as a recipient of the Chinese Government Scholarship by the Mission of the PRC to the European Union.

By joining NetMission Academy, Leonie gained knowledge about global internet governance structures, institutions, and approaches. Focusing on Asia and learning from international experts helped her understand the larger context of the China-specific issues she engages with in her degree. During the Academy, she participated in preparing the module “‘Digital Economy & Emerging Technologies” and is looking forward to continuing to learn about Internet Governance.

Lok Yee Wong, Joyce (Hong Kong)
Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology & Business Management

Joyce is a second-year student majoring in Applied Psychology & Business Management. She is an outgoing girl and enjoys working with different people and facing challenges. Joyce loves to learn and discover new things. Also, she loves to share her experiences with her friends and this is also the reason why she wants to be a NetMission Ambassador. She would like to share the knowledge that she learned from Netmission and raise awareness from the public about internet governance. Through the NetMission Academy, the “Human Right Online” is the most impressive internet governance issue that she has learned. Through the reading material, doing their own presentation, searching for different information, and sharing from the guest speakers, Joyce mentioned that these talks really broaden her horizons. Before joining the NetMission Academy, she really had no idea about internet governance. Yet, after the program, she understands more about internet governance and realizes that there is a huge developing topic for us to discuss. Furthermore, Joyce has also mentioned that the academy program is a really precious, valuable, and special experience for her since she could have the chance to work with people around the world and have talks with people around the world that are professional in the specific internet governance issues. She is really appreciative of this special experience.

Martha Mai Hatch (Hong Kong)
Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Media & Digital Media

Martha is a digital media student that is pursuing her studies in both Hong Kong and Germany. With some technical background in Hong Kong and theoretical background from Germany on digital technology development, she seeks to combine the knowledge of both worlds through real-world applications. Martha is particularly interested in studying the marginalization as of the result of the internet structures. This is particularly evident with the continuous emergence of the internet and the social, where dilemmas of both worlds intertwine and transcend. With the rapid speed of internet development, social development is lagged behind, causing issues such as the digital divide. With the internet being centric to the social development of the future, Martha believes in the importance of bridging the divided gap. Thus, Martha went on a search in ways she could learn more of the respective area, where she has found Netmission. The NetMission experience has shown her areas that she can extend herself in and provided more information on resources and so on to assist her in the journey. Most importantly of all, provided her a chance to meet like-minded people in the NetMission family.

Minkyoung Cho (Kanagawa, Japan)
Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information System

Min was born in Korea lived mostly in England and America. She’s a globetrotter, loves exploring new things, and a huge foodie. She studied computer science and business for a bachelor’s and currently pursuing her master’s in information management system both at Keio University, Japan. She is researching the evolution of streaming businesses and the impact of AI within the music industry. Her initial participation in the internet governance community started from APIGA 2019 that truly sparked my genuine passion for internet governance. That led her to continuous engagement with this community with NetMission 2019/20. It has been such an amazing journey throughout, meeting such inspirational people with continuous eye-opening discussions surrounding the internet. Even coming from a technical background, there have been so many issues around technology that have been really informative thanks to so many open doors to professionals and peers all around the world that keeps everyone motivated and challenged and conclusively makes every time so meaningful and rewarding. It is with no doubt, that in this digital era, every issue is connected with the medium of the internet which is why internet governance is an issue so embedded within our lives that must be talked upon. This is also why it empowers our youth to be a big part of this discussion being the generation to have lived growing up with the internet. Looking forward to being continuously engaged in this community and hope for the world coexisting with the internet to improve with our growing participation!

Nuwan Sriyantha Bandara (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering

Nuwan is a multifaceted research enthusiast who is currently reading for B. Sc. of Biomedical Engineering (Hons) in the second year at the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Even though his profound professional basis is for Medical Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence, he is unboundedly eager to extend his passion into diverse fields such as Theoretical Cosmology, Network Strategies, and Emerging Technologies. Hence, he utilizes his thorough dedication to substantially satisfy his unconditional thirst for these subject areas using various methodologies. He highlights that his decisions to work as a trainee researcher at the Institute of Astronomy, Sri Lanka, and to be an ambassador at NetMission Academy 19/20 are among the best decisions, he manipulated for fulfilling above desiring intentions.

Nuwan depicts NetMission Academy as a cohesive and intellectual internet approach to discover the whole Internet Ecosystem and Governance spectrum in a more innovation-oriented manner because the academy empowers an interactive learning model which is driven by determined studies on key elements of network space. At the very beginning, he was more passionate about the issues of Internet Access and Empowerment in the South Asian region, nonetheless, the academy caused him to gain unique insights on Digital Economy in which he is crucially working on now with more collaborative and solid foundation. Since Nuwan is an active member at Internet Society – Sri Lankan Chapter, he eagerly expects to combine all his dedicated knowledge and professional network, which were mainly obtained through this academy, onto the ground to enhance the overall quality of the Internet in terms of Digital Economy and Accessible Empowerment in a unique manner. Further, the extremely conveys his sincere gratitude to DotAsia for their invaluable contribution to enriching the positive online environment throughout the whole Internet domain.

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Pavel Farhan (Bangladesh/ Bangkok, Thailand)
Master’s Degree in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Pavel is currently a postgraduate student in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. He is originally from Bangladesh but has lived in Thailand for 20 years. Pavel has always aspired to become an advocate of ICT for development (ICT4D) in order to empower and help minority groups get their share of access to the Internet, while also trying to close the gap between the gender and generational digital divides as much as possible. He has been strongly involved in the Internet Governance community since APNIC48 in 2019, of which he was a fellow. Since then, he has been engaged with Youth4IG, helping to compile a resource person list for the outreach of the organization. Additionally, he has participated in the NetMission Academy 2019-20 and is now a NetMission Ambassador. Recently, Pavel was a fellowship recipient of the APAN49 Meeting in Nepal and he has also been selected as one of the ICANN68 NextGen participants at the Policy Forum in June, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Pratik Ghumade (Pune, India)
Bachelor’s Degree of Arts

Although Pratik is a techie, the media takes up a huge part of his life. He has been working as a media strategist at Payatu (a boutique cybersecurity company) and is the go-to person for any sort of media strategy and placement.

Pratik is a part of the core organizing team at nullcon and – world-renowned security forums. These forums are empowering the world to build a secure hardware and security ecosystem in Asia, Europe, and the USA. He has also been organizing and curating independent TEDx events, operated under license from TED.

He educated himself in varied fields like information technology, marketing, communications, public relations, cyber law, and ethical hacking. He is currently pursuing a double degree in Bachelor of Arts from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in India. He is also enrolled in Takshashila’s Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (Technology & Policy) program. He considers himself a lifetime student – always learning new things as he works with more organizations and communities.

Pratik started his Internet Governance (IG) journey in 2019 where he was awarded Youth IGF India Fellowship and later joined the NetMission Academy batch of 2019-20 to explore and learn more on IG. He is obsessed with security, privacy and tech policies. He aims to bring more dialogues and activities on these topics through his learnings at the academy. He looks forward to engaging with the community in the future.

He currently lives in Pune, India. When not working, you can find him hiking in the countryside or reading. He takes inspiration from these lines of Samuel Beckett’s short prose:

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Puthineath Lay (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

Puthineath is a fresh graduate majoring in Software Engineering from the National Institute of Posts, Telecoms, and ICT. It is another achievement for her to attend NetMission Academy 2020 to get a deeper understanding of this Intelligence world. Before this academy, she also had participated in some Internet Governance events such as APIGA 2017, APrIGF 2018, and APNIC 48, so she quickly catches up with the course regarding background knowledge of IG. By gathering these experiences, she did bring this achievement to the younger generation in her local community. On top of that, she appreciates the given opportunities to discuss with guest speakers, ambassadors about recent issues as well as contribute to workshop proposal writing.

Pythea Cabagnot (Manila, Philippines)
High Diploma in Information Technology

Pythea is an undergraduate student majoring in Information Technology. She has a very curious mind and shows interest in numerous things. It is with these traits that she goes through life trying to learn as much as she can. Pythea has always found much joy in sharing experiences and ideas with others. Her interests led her to pursue the path of becoming a NetMission Ambassador. With the help of her friend who had experience with internet governance and NetMission in the past, she went to attend the academy. This was her first time attending webinars, talking with esteemed guest speakers, and working with people from various countries.

It was through the NetMission Academy that she was able to learn more about the world around her. Before joining the academy, she knew very little about internet governance and topics related to it. There is a great difference between simply hearing about a topic from someone and thoroughly discussing a topic with others who express their opinions about it. It is really something else to hear about another country’s laws, principles, values, and views on several matters. The world can seem like it is too big a place that people can not connect with others far from them but thanks to programs like the NetMission Academy, it seems like we can truly connect with anyone no matter the distance and she can’t wait for what lies ahead.

Rebecca Kai-Fang Lin (Taiwan)
Master’s Degree in Law

Rebecca Kai-Fang Lin is a graduate student from Taipei, Taiwan, currently pursuing master degree in Economic Law at National Taiwan University Graduate Institute of Law, writing the thesis on Central Bank Digital Currency regarding personal information, financial stability and cybersecurity issues led by blockchain. As an information-seeker and a cheerful embracer of varied opinions, she is actively engaged in and selected as a Taiwanese delegate in multiple international youth forums. With her diverse experiences in multinational corporations and top law firms in Taiwan, she shapes her interdisciplinary knowledge of technology, economics and law, in the hope to bring people around the world equally together.

Before completing NetMission, she was selected as the Wedu Global Rising Star, granted for high potential young women leaders in Asian communities to facilitate access to the justice system via utilizing her legal and technological knowledge. She was passionate about emerging technologies and cybersecurity-related to internet governance. With the fruitful discussion and informative lectures in NetMission, she comes to gain deeper insights into ICANN multi-stakeholder model and diversity and has the chance to serve as one of the moderators to lead the breakout discussion. She, therefore, strives to bring diversity and inclusion to local community as her long-term mission so that everyone across the globe can have equal chance to shine.

Sahibzada Farhan Amin (Peshawar, Pakistan)
Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering

Farhan is from Peshawar, Pakistan and he has done his Graduation in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences-FAST, Peshawar. Currently, he is working as AM Wireless Data Network with Pakistan’s first and top Telecom. The company, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. He is a creative thinker and is, therefore, honored with the title “PTCL Champion” by his employer for exceptional performance and creative thinking. He likes to explore things and is Jack of All Trades. He was selected to attend the “Building Wireless for Communities” course offered by ISOC. Apart from that, he completed some courses in Cyber-Security, Data Analysis, and Cloud computing too. Furthermore, he is working on a Bio-Medical research paper and is learning German as well.

Before joining the NetMission Academy’2020, he attended PKSIG’17, and from that point forward he has been an active member of ISOC Pakistan, Islamabad Chapter. It was then he was enlightened with the importance of the Internet and the role of stakeholders to provide the Access and Empower the community. It was then, he was honored to be part of NetMission Ambassador program. Joining the Academy has opened new fronts from him. He met some brilliant minds who worked and are working with full zest to overcome the issues related to IG. He is passionate to work on Access and Empowerment and the digital divide issues related to Internet-Governance.

Shah Maruf (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Bachelor’s Degree in Law

Shah Maruf is a student of law, pursuing Bachelor of Laws (LL.B. Honours) degree, at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. As he is much concerned about internet safety and Cyber Crimes, he started his internet governance journey through joining NetMission Ambassadors Program 2020 of NetMission Academy. He wants to carry on his passion for the safety of the internet and to engage Youth in internet governance by incorporating Digital Literacy Education in Schools.

He is involved with the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), being a Rover Mate at Dhaka University Rover Scout Group. He also works for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment in a project named “Ze for Change” under the supervision of Active Citizens – British Council.

Tenzin Gyelmo (Thimphu, Bhutan)
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application

She lives in Bhutan currently pursuing Bachelor in Computer Application from Gyalpozhing College of Information Technology, Mongar. Before joining Netmission, she was interested in many internet governance issues, of which she just had basic idea of their presence in the internet world. But after joining netmission, she was exposed to another side of internet world where different issues had their own role to play and it gave her more information than what she had expected. Those issues regarding fake news, disinformation or misinformation on internet like how they have impacted on the citizens and how much they had grown till this date made her research on them in a deeper way. Not only had this issues effected many developed countries but also it is affecting small under developed country like Bhutan where fake news, disinformation or misinformation is considered biggest threat to many people which even includes politicians.

Through netmission, she have not only got lots of information regarding internet related issues but also gain confidence on how to work through video conference with people around the world. Hence, with netmission, she is now confident enough to share all the information to her fellow mates or colleague and make them aware of what is happening in and around internet world.

Nimisha Vasandani (Hong Kong) – Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Technology and Innovation

Nimisha is currently a second-year undergraduate student pursuing BBA(Hons) in Financial Technology and Innovation in Hong Kong. She is an outgoing person who enjoys gaining new experiences and building networks. Her involvement in Net Mission Asia is as a result of her passion to gain valuable knowledge and experience in relation to Internet Governance as well as raise awareness to the youth regarding social issues and the importance of Internet Governance.

Before joining NMA, the topic of Internet Governance had been very new to her and she had the intention to broaden her knowledge particularly in the topics of Cybersecurity as well as Digital Economy. In Net Mission Academy 2020, she had the opportunity to present regarding ‘Digital Economy and Emerging Technologies’ and was able to view various issues from different perspectives through the training sessions. Through this platform, Nimisha had a very enriching experience and achieved knowing not only what she was interested in but also learned a lot more regarding internet governance and the diverse topics associated with it. Thanks to platforms like Net Mission Asia, people can conveniently connect and freely discuss various issues, and she looks forward to the further journey of IG and such opportunities that lie ahead.

Xie Loong Goh (Singapore)
Bachelor’s Degree in Business Analytics

Kingsley is a Malaysian undergraduate student at the National University of Singapore, studying Business Analytics in the School of Computing, in which he is passionate about using data and decision analytics to solve sustainability issues. He is also a social entrepreneur in agri-tech and a climate advocate who had represented his CSO in the 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference and spoken in several panel sessions. Extending from that, he realized the importance of siding internet governance with human rights and sustainability issues, therefore, he joined the Netmission Academy.