yIGF 2017 Bangkok

We visited Chulalongkorn University, which is a reputable University in Asia, for organizing Youth Internet Governance Forum, Bangkok 2017. First of all, thanks for all supporting organisations / Staffs / Participants to support NetMission Ambassadors in holding a youth engagement program in APrIGF. We have engaged 58 participants who came from 14 economies of the Asia Pacific region. Encouragingly, we have achieved more gender balance and sexual minorities included for better engaging different voices to multi-stakeholder approach discussion.

We highlighted the theme “How does social media shape our minds?” to respond to what we have happened in real life situations nowadays. Participants who came from Asia-Pacific had a bunch of interactive workshops with us to get themselves familiarized with the theme of yIGF this year. We designed interactive activities as shown on yIGF Training materials . For example, Idea Wall, Role-play discussion, Initiative planning. All these interactive sessions gave us an opportunity to include different opinions to the table.

Idea Wall @yIGF2017,Bangkok
Role-Play preparation @yIGF2017, Bangkok

What is Role Play discussion?

1. To prepare the youth for engagement in Internet Governance Discussions
2. To gain new perspectives when it comes to internet governance issues
3. To better understand the stakeholders’ role and involvement in the Internet Governance
4. To familiarize themselves with the yIGF model and adopt it in the future
5. To give them an idea of all the different IGF categories involved when it comes to Internet Governance

3 topics we have covered this year for participants to stimulate Internet Governance related policy discussion in different stakeholder perspective :

Committee 1 : Freedom of speech
Committee 2 : The right to be forgotten
Committee 3 : Advertising strategy

Role Play Discussion @yIGF2017 Bangkok

Highlight of yIGF 2017

The report of yIGF 2017 Bangkok is now available on our website, you may click here to find out more.

NetMission Ambassador 

NET (Networking Opportunity, Empowering Youth, Talent Development) is a model to achieve the mission of youth empowerment in internet governance, ambassadors who have received year-round training and gained oversee conference experience will form a working group to work on community projects like HKYIGF, yIGF, APIGA. We hope these kinds of community works can raise public awareness of what is internet governance.

If you are interested in youth engagement in Internet Governance, please kindly visit our training materials.

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