APNG Camp, Hong Kong (21-24/2/2011)

During the 12th APNG Camp in Hiroshima, Japan, Matthew Hui (Class 2009) has not only known more about the Internet but has also experienced great Japanese spirit – their determination and strong will – from the reconstruction of Hiroshima, a site where the atomic bomb was hit during the second World War. At the end of the APNG Camp, he asked the board if they could have the APNG Camp held in Hong Kong – a first ever idea, which motivated other NetMission ambassadors to continue to implement different community projects.

Eventually, the 13th APNG x NetMission Camp, co-located with joint APRICOT-APAN 2011, was held successfully in Hong Kong with concerted efforts of all the organizing committee members.

Passionate youth from over 20 countries are attracted to this meaningful event. Meeting with Vint Cerf, father of the Internet, was a spotlight for the event. The precious talk with Vint surely inspired and motivate the delegates for Matthew, as one of the hosts of the 13th APNG Camp, feels the dream of NetMission ambassadors being realized and the voice of youth are being empowered.