APNG Camp, Kuala Lumpur (20-22/7/2009)


The 11th Asia Pacific Next Generation Camp (APNG Camp) was a 3-day camp held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on sharing of Internet in many different aspects. Two of the NetMission Ambassadors, Matthew Hui (Class 2009) and Sze Chui Hung (Class 2009), participated in such a meaningful event on behalf of the NetMis- sion Ambassadors Program.There were presentations about a great deal of topics, e.g.IPV6, network security, instant messenger, multilinguism, e-governance, e-democracy, network on emergency (DUMBO), other countries’ ISP and countries’ domain name registry. Matthew and Hung gave a presentation on the idea of Netmission which attracted people’s attention and interest. Beside various presentations, Live-E workshop also provides delegates a chance to experience the structure of a network. They tried to connect different networks and stations to share information in batch processing. This technology is extremely useful when continuous connection to the Internet is not available, like remote area or disaster emergency. Being a delegate of APGN, Matthew and Hung gained insights on the development and trend on the Internet in the region while they successfully promoted NetMission and the message of bridging the digital divide. As a bonus, they also made lots of good friends from all around Asia!