ICANN Meeting, Seoul (25-30/10/2009)


In October 2009, 4 NetMission Ambassadors participated in the 36th ICANN Meeting in Seoul. Partcipants came from 111 different countries, and together engaged in a wide range of discussions about the Internet’s domain name system and related issues, such as Internatinal Domain Names (IDNs), New generic TLDs, and Trademark Protection, just to name a few. ICANN even arranged a morning session to introduce our Ambassadors to some of the related topics, to help them better prepare for the discussions.

The most memorable event for NetMission Ambassadors was the presentation during the APRALO meeting. They introduced the NetMission Ambassadors Program to other participants, conveyed their mission, background, and introduced the events and projects they have implemented to minimize the digital divide in Hong Kong. The partcipants were very interested in NetMission work and many even shared their experience and insights with Ambassadors after the presentation. After the meeting, NetMission Ambassadors were invited to join the membership of ICANN At Large Structure (ALS).

At that moment, our 4 Ambassadors realized that NetMission work not only benefited people in Hong Kong, but also helped spread the message to the rest of the world.