ICANN Meeting, Singapore (19-24/6/2011)


In June 2011, a big NetMission Ambassadors team joined the 41st ICANN Meeting in Singapore. After a joint effort of the ambassadors, the NetMission Ambassadors Program is finally becoming an official member of the APRALO which represents the individual Internet users in the Asian-Australasia-Pacific region. NetMission taking part in the policy making structure paves the way to enable more youth to engage and influence the Internet Policy.

Another big outcome from this ICANN Meeting is the policy adoption of net generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs). Top Level Domain is a navigating tool for the Internet such as.asia, .com or .org. While we already have 20 gTLDs, ICANN consider to allows more competitoin and choices for users. The discussion of this issue is a long anticipated agenda for NetMission Ambassadors. The whole board of directors were sitting on the panel and expressing their standpoint each after each. At last, a voting prcedure were conducted. When Ambassadors saw all the hands up and a new policy became effective hereafter, they have a strong feeling of engagement in the Internet world.