ISP Symposium, Macau (10-11/7/2012)

The ISP Symposium is organized by IFACT-GC and Macau Customs to strengthen the cooperation between government, copyright and IT industry and is focused on tackling cybercrime. Over 30 participants attended this 2 day event which being held at Galaxy Hotel Macau on July 10 and 23. The Symposium is also an annual gathering of stakeholders involved in providing online services and content and focused this year on “Understanding and Cooperation in the Cloud Era”.

The ISP Symposium 2012 features a keynote speech from Ng Kuok-heng, Assistant Director General of Macao Customs, Tam Yiu-keung, Assistant Commissioner of Hong Kong Customs, Lento Yip, Chairman of Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association, as well as presentations from Clera Chu, Managing Director of Deltamac (HK) Co. Ltd., Michael Kwan , Group Head (Intellectual Property Investigation (Operations) (Acting) of Hong Kong Customs , Ryan Murray , Manager for Content Protection – Internet Operations, Asia/Pacific, MPA, Spencer Yang , Executive Director of Taiwan Foundation Against Copyright Theft, William Feng, Chief Representative of MPA – China, York Mok , Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association, Brian Chung , Chief Executive of Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association Ltd., David Wong, Director of Sun Network (HK) Ltd., Ian Chan-un, Head of Enforcement Division, Macau Customs, Paul Fung , CEO of Photon Link Ltd. Robert Lee , Assistant Group General Manager, Kadokawa Intercontinental Group Holding Ltd.

NetMission Ambassadors Yvonne Ni (Class 2009) and Avis Chan (Class 2010) has attended the Symposium this year. Yvonne shared her views on “Copyright on Cloud” and she pointed out that education should be…… Avis then introduced the mission and vision of NetMission Ambassadors program ……