NetY Ambassador Competition

NetY Ambassadors Program was initiated by a group of NetMission Ambassadors in 2012 hoping to spread their vision of contributing towards digital inclusion and promoting youth participation to even younger generations. Partnering with the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, NetY is an essay-writing competition targeting secondary school students in Hong Kong. Last year 25 school teams participated and each team had submitted an essay on the Internet Governance Issue they concerned most. The competition was ended successfully in Sep 2012 and the champion team was appointed as the NetY Ambassadors to attend the UNIGF in Baku. The NetY Ambassadors served as the speakers on several panels regarding Digital Citizenship, Social Media and Youth Engagement, etc. which they shared their ideas from an Asian youth perspective. This year we are very glad to have received the funding from government to further enhance the scale of the project. NetY will be incorporated into iCity.Asia Campaign which is a series of competitions and events to raise the awareness of secondary students and arouse their interest in pursuing a career on ICT.

NetY Ambassadors at IGF Baku:

As a Supporting Organization of this program, NetMission Ambassadors will be coaching the participants to complete the report. They also design a series of training lessons for participants to introduce Internet-related issues.

NetY Ambassador Competition Offcial Website: