Jenna Fung is speaking at the sustainability corner at IGF for the discussion on the future skills and digital education

From Youth to Youth “Expert”: Another Year in IGF – Jenna Fung

Things in this Internet Governance world are confusing sometimes, as your head might have to proceed tons of acronyms and technical theories in a minute, which really triggers frequent packet loss in your brain. It took me a while to be able to make a metaphor with a technical theory lying behind like the one […]

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One World. But a Divided Net – Stephanie Li

“In Pakistan, the establishment sees CIA plots everywhere, while one of the New York Times reporters was ensnared to the trap of disinformation and accused by the AI Qaeda as part of a CIA anti-Islam plot. And even today, the journalist still gets blasted on Twitter for being either a CIA spy or a dead […]

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Do we all live in one online world? – Aidana Alken

I was honored to attend The 14th Internet Governance Forum held in Berlin as an Ambassador of Netmission.Asia. This was the first IGF I have ever attended and also my first visit to Germany. The theme of this year’s IGF was “One Net. One World. One Vision.” It sounds very big and inspiring but many […]

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