Taiwan Internet Trend Seminar, Taipei (28-30/3/2012)

In March 2012, Lily Kung (Class 2010) and Anson Lau (Class 2010) were invited to participate in the Taiwan Internet Trend Seminar 2012. The seminar is held annually, focusing on the crucial internet development such as the challenge encountered in the new IPv6 era, advocacy projects on internet security issues and the promotion of the new gTLDs.

This year, it focuses on the development of community projects and the youth’s participation in internet-related projects. Lily and Anson shared their experiences running the Netmission Community projects and participating in a wide range of international conferences while university students from Taiwan provide them with innovative community projects ideas that can be implemented.

Taiwan Internet Trend Seminar Website: http://www.seminar2012.twnic.tw/