UNIGF, Nairobi (27-30/9/2011)

Lily Kung (Class 2010) and Avis Chan (Class 2010) joined the UNIGF in September 2011 which is already the 3rd UNIGF that NetMission Ambassadors have been to. Lily and Avis were deeply impressed with the concept about Digital Citizenship. It suggests people not to ask what the Internet can do for us but what we can do for the Internet as Netizen. This concept is very creative yet essential to the path of promoting children’s right on Internet – it is not passively talking about what should children get from the Internet, what rights should they enjoy, but at the same time about recognizing their role in this Internet society and give them responsibilities as citizenship. This idea has inspired Lily and Avis a lot.

During UNIGF, Lily and Avis helpd with the drafting of the Dynamic Youth Coalition Statement. They discussed youth participation on Internet issues with an optimal use of online platform to edit the statement together. They were very happy to be part of the collective effort from people all over the world.

At the same time, they were delighted to meet a lot of potential partners who are interested in holding yIGF with NetMission Ambassadors, such as people from France and Kenya. Lily and Avis hope that with more yIGF occurring in different countries will provide more opportunities for youth to engage in the Internet Governance discussion.