UNIGF, Sharm El Sheikh (15-18/11/2009)


In November 2009, 6 NetMission Ambassadors participated in the fifth Internet Governance Forum (UNIGF) in Egypt. The idea of UNIGF began during the World Cummit at the Information Society (WSIS) six years ago. The UNIGF aims to provide multi-stake holders such as government, business sectors, educational institutions, GOs and even end-users an open forum on which they can discuss the Internet’s development. Although the UNIGF is not a decision-making body, the open forum allows open discussion among multiple stakeholders possible, and drives people to solve the problems together – an effort of great importance to the virtual Internet world.

We were delighted to find that youth’s voice was gradually becoming more recognized by the forum. Thus, the idea of bringing the IGF back to Hong Kong as the “Youth IGF” materialized.