Meet our new class of NetMission Ambassadors 2017-2018!  

A Mission Board was created to capture and record these enthusiastic minds who cannot wait to make an impact !


Congratulate to 21 new faces joining NetMission this year after a comprehensive selection process. These 21 young ambassadors come from a diverse background with various level and fields of studies. Among the group, we are excited to see also the cultural diversity where students from Taiwan, Philippines, India and Estonia are selected apart from the Hong Kong ones. In the upcoming

year, they will uphold the mission of empowering youth in Asia on the Internet Governance discussion.

A highlight of the selection process was the Start-up Ideas Challenge Day which candidates are asked to give a one-minute pitch with the theme “Start a sustainable initiative to mobilize stakeholders in Asia to address an Internet Governance issue that you are concerned about”. Interesting initiatives come out from the follow-on group discussions on the selected pitches such as a reality TV show with celebrities to experience digital divide by going to remote islands.

Embarking their journey with tremendous passion, the ambassadors shared their thoughts on what they want to achieve as a NetMission Ambassador at our orientation night on 1 Dec. Ideas such as online videos, high school education, awareness raising on cyber-security and privacy emerged.

More upcoming activities ahead in 2018. Please stay tune with us and greet our new ambassadors on our Instagram ( with the hashtag #HelloNMAs.