NetMission Training Camp 2018

Our new class of NetMission Ambassadors dived straight into 2018 with their first training event in a 3 day camp. Ambassadors spent the first afternoon by writing down topics and issues that concerned them on an idea wall, to get a feeling of what they wanted to focus on in activities to come. The night was wrapped up nicely with a barbecue.

The second day began with an Internet Governance roleplay discussion where Ambassadors assumed the roles of various stakeholders from civil society, the government and the business sector. The issue discussed was that of native advertising on social media, and how it related to users’ privacy and choice. Many thanks to our NetMission Alumni who organised and ran the session.

Also on the second day was a basic introduction to some issues of Internet Governance. Notably this included a work-in-progress card-game model of the technical aspects of the Internet, provided by our friends at APNIC. Ambassadors spent the afternoon producing short videos to promote Safer Internet Day 2018. Keep an eye out on our social media!

The third day kicked off again with an Internet Governance discussion, this time focusing on the format and moderation typical of Internet Governance discourse. After an initial demonstration, Ambassadors then tried their hand at moderation themselves, which proved to be no easy task.

The camp ended with Ambassadors reflecting on what they thought about the camp, but more importantly what they hoped to achieve in the future. Based on the Mission Board that they created earlier, working groups were formed to actualize their goals. Ambassadors also reflected on the skills they hope to develop through the program, skills that will surely be useful in their activities and conferences to come!