Community Outreach – A fruitful meeting touching on Internet Governance and youth moblility with Ming Wai’s youth office

What an encouraging start to 2018!

After the student ambassadors training camp ( see details of previous article about the training camp ! ), more capacity building opportunities for NetMission Ambassadors follow

NetMission Ambassadors introduced our works to local youth think tank
In February, we met with a local youth-orientated think tank – MingWai’s youth office, formerly attached to the Commission on Youth, introducing our initiative and discussing youth issues. A group of passionate researchers, their work covered a variety of youth-related topics such as social media usage, Hong Kong’s competitiveness to youth etc. The dialogue was helped along by the casual and relaxed environment in their office.

Touching on various issues of Internet Governance, our ambassadors introduced the NetMission programme’s aims and past achievements. Particularly concerning issues were that of cyberbullying, and its solutions in relation to cybersecurity and privacy. Also discussed was the growing problem of misinformation and fake news. We concluded that today’s youth needed to be more aware and take a more proactive role on civic issues that concerned them.


Youth Mobility ( – the next important issues we are looking at  
Youth mobility was another area that we touched on. Fantastically, both of us have been working on the advocacy of empowering young people for a number of years. It was a fruitful and knowledgeable conversation we had regarding what we can do for youth in future. We agreed that it is crucial to have a variety of youth-oriented report in which many interest of young people should be discussed and serve as a bridge to link the civil society and the government making sure voices from youth , for youth heard in the legislative process.

Thanks again for the invitation! We are always keen to meet different people in the society to see how to promote youth participation in the dialogue of Internet Governance, and also the advocacy of youth mobility about setting young people setting out to change the world.

The next episode would be the training session prepared by a group of self-learning ambassadors and experienced and knowledgeable distinctive guest speakers.

Stay tuned with us, more and more updates of NetMission Ambassadors coming out soon.