TWyIGF What I can do go beyond acting as a mere Netizen – Joyce Chiu

Being part of the TWIGF was definitely an incendiary experience – it motivated me to take an initiative in and embark on my very first journey in Internet governance.
The three – day programme comprising a one – day workshop and a series of forums was undoubtedly a golden platform for every participant, students or professions from distinctive fields to engage themselves in navigating further issues regarding internet governance.

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Speaking of my fondest memory, the mock ICANN meeting during the one – day workshop would best depict the insightful interaction among participants. With the topic of new gTLD being introduced, everyone endeavored to come up with new ideas in their own stakeholder roles and hence fostered a fruitful discussion. As a moderator of the mock conference, I was so glad that each of them dared to speak up and actively involved in the model conference – our hard work paid off!

Mock ICANN Meeting – Sting confusion of New gTLD Program

Meanwhile, the two days forum with topic ranging from blockchain to GDPR did furnish me with a greater picture of Internet governance. The in-depth dialogue between experts and the questions from the floor did inspire me a lot when it comes to the analysis of cyber challenges from diverse perspectives. After all, I was deeply impressed by the atmosphere and the people, in which every day left me fulfilled. Something engraved in my mind as a NetMission Ambassador – being part of the youth, what I can do go beyond acting as a mere netizen – instead, to empower others in acting within their region and beyond as to contribute to the betterment of internet governance.

About the writer

Joyce Chiu, NetMission Ambassador of Class 2017/2018, Year 1 Law student in Hong Kong University