Buddy Scheme for NetMission.Asia 2020


To maintain the program consistency of NetMission.Asia and build upon the relationship between the members of the NetMission.Asia and the community, the role of NetMission Buddy has been newly established this year.


  • Mentor new NetMission Academy fellows to help them better understand NetMission.Asia, the community and the Internet-governance-related issues.
  • Guide them to prepare for the particular training session of NetMission Academy 2020.
  • Encourage the NetMission Academy fellows to join at least one of the working groups formed by the community of NetMission.Asia alumni.


  • Have successfully completed a NetMission Program before.
  • NetMission Buddy is required to attend at least one of the training sessions of NetMission Academy 2020 (including the training session of your assigned training session preparation group).

Selection Criteria

Applicants will be evaluated according to the following criteria

  • Their written explanation of how they want to continue their engagement in Internet Governance; and
  • How they have remained active in Internet Governance and/or the works of the regional or global Internet-governance-related events, conferences and/or forums since their initial experience in NetMission;
  • How they plan on engaging the new NetMission Academy fellows before, during, and after the NetMission Academy;
  • A brief outline or plan of their own participation in the Academy may also be considered.