A truly remarkable experience in discussing internet governance in APIGA 2019 – Silver Ng

A 5-day-4-night internet governance forum, taking place in Korea, have finally come to an end. There are a few remarkable moments or learning that I would like to write it down.

Talking about the forum, we have gone through a few moderating session. The hardest thing is about concentration. Before the topic, it is important to think about how the conversation will end on and lead them to. You got to listen to different points of view, seek to understand it, react upon and draw new insights. Perhaps the hardest thing here is getting used to accents from different nationalities. Despite hard at first, practice does make perfect. Preparation for the forum involves different parties. There was a night I went down to the preparation room day before the real mock conference. There I saw a participant sitting there reading the info pack. He said, “I am not familiar with Internet Governance as others did, so I have to prepare more.” I am amazed and very much appreciate.

Apart from the forum, we do travel around. This is my first-time travel to Korea, there are two impressions. First, it is a modern and clean country. I thought Hong Kong is already modern – yet almost everything in Korea is very new – it includes the surface of the building, the infrastructure such as street light. There is barely any rubbish in the street. Wow! It will be a wonderful place to live in. Another impression is the good use of the public area. We went to a park, next to a river in Seoul. The park is super big with multiple facilities and area for people to gather. It includes playing facilities for children, sitting area for friends or couples, a music event in the middle of the park, families are sitting on the grass, busking, riding bicycles, dogs are running around… A big public space does not guarantee people will use it, but Korea has done a great job in shaping this culture. The time spent there is really spectacular.

Thanks for the wonderful experience!

About the Writer

Silver Ng, NetMission Ambassador of Class 2017/18
Year 2, Bachelor of Business Administration, The University of Hong Kong