Who can apply?

Anyone currently studying in local tertiary institution in Hong Kong (School or area of study does NOT affect the selection process)

What is NetMission and our Mission? 

We envision to create a sustainablediverse, inclusive and open Internet Governance eco-system embracing the Multi-Stakeholder approach. Shared among the ambassadors, our mission is “To nurture young leaders in Asia on Internet Governance discourse ”


Why should you join us as NetMission Ambassador NOW?

An exciting journey awaits you now with our NET model ! We are looking for enthusiastic students in local tertiary institutes and universities (School or area of study does NOT affect the selection process) that are ready to develop and fulfill their own potential to further empower more youth in the wider Asia community.

There are many valuable experiences happened in Net Model! In the regional level, you will get the chance to collaborate and work with regional leaders, organize an entire conference yourself, learn to be a good moderator and trainer and so on…. In terms of local level, you will be an advocate of Internet Governance by participating in school tour, contribute to social media campaigns and start-up a local NetMission chapter at your university with $5000 initiation fund!



18-19 Nov (Sat & Sun) 2017 : Interview Day (Group) (10:00am – 5:00pm)
25 Nov (Sat) 2017 : Startup Ideas Challenge (3:30pm – 6:30pm) +  Guests sharing

Orientation Night (1. Dec. 2017)

Orientation Camp (3 days overnight)  (12 – 14 . Jan. 2018)

Training Sessions 

Conferences exposure 

In the coming year, after training sessions, outstanding NetMission Ambassadors will participate in following conferences with a partial scholarship.

Youth IGF in Asia Pacific region Internet Governance

Date 13-16 Aug 2018
Venue : Port Vila,Vanuatu
* As Organizer’

Asia Pacific Internet Governance AcademyDate: Aug 2018
Venue: Seoul , Korea
* As Organizer

United Nations Internet Governance Forum

Date: Late 2018
Venue : TBC


Application Deadline:1 Nov 2017 (Wed)  to 23:59 on 13 Nov 2017 (Mon)

13 Nov 2017 (Mon),敬請留意。
Good News: Response to applicants’ request, please be noticed that application deadline will be extended to 
13 Nov 2017 (Mon) Thanks for your attention.


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