Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy 2017, Seoul (7/8/2017-11/8/2017)

Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy 2017 was successfully held in Seoul, South Korea from 7th to 11th August 2017. The Academy serves to improve participants’ understanding on Internet Governance. We, NetMission Ambassadors, as organizers of ICANN Mock Meeting, are grateful to take the initiative to lead different discussions on new gTLDs and moderate the Meeting.

“From small questions come great things” This is what we valued in youth capacity building activities in internet governance. In APIGA 2017, participants actively demonstrated they are eager to learn anything about Internet Governance. In these 5 days training, we were glad to see many quality questions have been raised from participants. There is no silly question in internet governance as long as you raised a question.

The Academy allowed participants from 18 different countries, including Bangladesh, Belgium, Cambodia, China, Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, The Philippines and Vietnam, to share ideas, experiences and observations from local perspectives by their home town. Also, they were here to gain the first-hand experience of how ICANN meetings are conducted, to better understand the multistakeholder decision-making process, as well as to further participate in the discussion.

APIGA’s Highlight provided by the Host

NetMission Ambassador 

NET (Networking Opportunity, Empowering Youth, Talent Development) is a model to achieve the mission of youth empowerment in internet governance, ambassadors who have received year-round training and gained oversee conference experience will form a working group to work on community projects like HKYIGF, yIGF, APIGA. We hope these kinds of community works can raise public awareness of what is internet governance.

If you are interested in youth engagement in Internet Governance, please kindly visit our training materials.

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