Asia Pacific Youth IGF & YMI Workshop in APrIGF 2018 – Jenna Fung

As a NetMission Ambassador, I was engaged in organizing the Asia Pacific Youth IGF in Vanuatu with two of my fellow ambassadors, Edward and Ming. In this session, we had both role-play discussion and open-floor discussion on various topics, including Internet access, gender equality, inclusion and diversity etc. We interchanged different ideas related to the Internet issues with the local participants and the regional participants from Australia and Taiwan. It was a great opportunity to discuss these topics with youth, especially hearing different perspectives from different regions of Asia Pacific.


I also took part in APrIGF 2018, and I was involved in the Youth Mobility Index workshop as one of the speakers. I shared my own experiences of international exposure from internships and work placements. There are many mobility opportunities for youth in many different forms. From the youth perspective, it is important to have the information to make the most of these opportunities. Coming from Hong Kong the most readily available choices are in China or South East Asia and having more data to inform decisions for youth within the Asia Pacific and beyond. As an ambassador, it is important for me to bring out my concerns on the topic from the youth perspective and I really enjoy being engaged as part of the discussion and have my voice heard. I definitely gained a lot of insight in  APrIGF and I am feeling encouraged to continue to devote effort and time in youth engagement on Internet Governance discourse.

About the writer

Jenna Fung, NetMission Ambassador of Class 2017/2018,

Year 4, BBA (Hons) in Business Management, The Open University of Hong Kong