What I’ve learned from APIGA 2019 – Amy Li

It is my great pleasure to be one of the NetMission Ambassadors organizing APIGA 2019 in Seoul, South Korea. I have met distinguished guests, mentors and a group of young enthusiasts in Internet governance (IG). I knew IG after I participated in NetMission Ambassadors program 2018-2019. I am still exploring at this stage.

During the preparation period and throughout the five-day academy, soft skills that I learned were of insurmountable importance. Soft skills in terms of moderating the sessions, drafting info kit, working with teammates, etc. enabled me to be more prepared for the academy. Despite numerous challenges, our team and other mentors or guests helped us a lot. Their sharing was definitely useful for event planning in the future. Organizing event is a tough job but it can train oneself to be a stronger person.

As the host of Group Presentation on “IG in your economy”, I enjoy listening to participants’ sharing of what they concern the most in their countries’ internet governance issues. Examples from Vietnam, India, etc. were heard. Wide range of topics was covered, including digital literacy, cybersecurity, etc. I would not be able to know them in great details if I did not join APIGA 2019.

At last, thank you all participants from 19 countries joining APIGA 2019. Their passion and kindness motivated me to work harder on hosting different sessions. I enjoy discussing IG issues with them as their initiatives and observation were so amazing. Hope to see the participants in the near future!

Although I had a closely-packed summer holiday, I did not regret to be part of the APIGA 2019.

About the Writer

Amy Li, NetMission Ambassador of Class 2018/19, Hong Kong
Year 2, Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Co-organizer of HKyIGF 2019