Understanding the role of Domain Name in Internet Governance: My experience in APIGA 2019 – Nguyen Van Thanh

APIGA 2019 has ended, but memories and experiences during this program are always in my heart. Joining APIGA is an exciting and sweet experience for me. This is the second time I have participated in APIGA, the first time in 2017 as a participant, this time 2019 is a mentor. In NetMission team, I was involved in the experience of running and organizing sessions on internet governance. I have been exchanging and expanding my understanding of intensive issues. The opinions of the members attending APIGA 2019, experts and leaders from many different internet governance organizations have brought me many useful, important and valuable knowledge.

During the sessions that took place, the session about ICANN mock conference was the most impressive session. Through the introduction and discussion of issues on Mitigating Domain Name Abuse, gTLDs and Inequality, I had the opportunity to improve my executive skills and presentation skills. I am very happy to be part of my team, contributing to APIGA 2019’s success.

Attending APIGA 2019 is an unforgettable memory in me. Looking forward to participating in more events to share and help members in the future.

About the writer:

Nguyen Van Thanh, NetMission Ambassador 2018-2019
Dr. IT Policy, Seoul National University