My First YIGF & APrIGF – Jasmine Ko

This is my first regional Internet Governance Forum(IGF), yet I am representing and the class of NetMission.Asia 2019 as one of the organizers of yIGF 2019. My first Asia Pacific Regional IGF (APrIGF) began without any prior experience but ended with unforgettable achievement.

Youth IGF 2019 was a breakthrough for us, it is my pleasure to witness the great achievement of youth in APrIGF 2019 by enhancing their engagement in the Internet Governance policymaking process.

On the last day of APrIGF, I gave a summary speech on behalf of the organising committee of yIGF 2019 at the closing ceremony. It was a good chance to highlight what our youth participants have discussed throughout the conference and how we contribute to the outcomes of discussion in YIGF to APrIGF and bring our opinions to IGF eventually.

In the role-play discussion sessions of yIGF, each participant is assigned with a role from one of the stakeholder groups, including government, private sectors, and civil society, to brainstorm their ideas and voice out their opinions from new perspectives. These sessions not only help build the awareness of youth on Internet-governance-related issues but also help them to understand more on the issues by putting oneself into others’ shoes. Echoing to my speech at the closing ceremony, yIGF 2019 was a huge success, as we have a high participation rate on our yIGF sessions with almost100% attendance.

This is just the beginning of the journey: How can we continue? This year is the 10th anniversary of yIGF, and we have a breakthrough as you could see our youth community is growing stronger and more connected. Action speaks louder. We were not just voicing out, but also taking action. The next challenge is making our voices stronger and I encourage you all to join this ongoing process with us.

About the writer

Jasmine Ko, NetMission Ambassador of Class 2018/2019, Hong Kong
Year 4, Bachelor of Arts in Chinese, Lingnan University
Co-organizer of HKyIGF 2019
Co-organizer of Asia Pacific YIGF 2019 Vladivostok

Photo credits: Photography team of and Volunteers from FEFU