Mock ICANN session in APIGA 2018 – Ming Yip

Playing a part in APIGA was an eye-widening opportunity. Having co-organized multiple sessions in APIGA, I discussed internet governance issues with participants and guest speakers from different professions and backgrounds. Their ideas and sharing of their experience were very insightful and I benefited a lot from that.

Among different sessions, the preparation sessions and the mock ICANN conference session have been the most remarkable and valuable. Delivering the introductory speech about gTLDs and co-chairing ICANN meeting was something new to me. I was grateful for the chance to improve my presentation and moderation skills. I was also so happy to see our efforts in preparing these sessions finally paying off.

Attending APIGA was a rewarding and unique experience. It is my honour and pleasure to be a part of the team.


About the writer

Ming Yip, NetMission Ambassador of Class 2017/2018,

Year 4, Law Student, The Chinese University of Hong Kong