Experience in APIGA 2018 – Joyce Chiu

As one of the youth organizers of TWIGF and APIGA, the most noteworthy aspects were gaining hands-on experience in moderating the model conference and various interactive sessions, and, my own personal growth.

It is never an easy job when it comes to drafting the format of different sessions and preparing for the possible ways discussion could develop at a conference. Yet, it is such a fruitful process which greatly broadened my horizon and skills. This may sound cliche, however, not until experiencing the intense moderation session did I understand more about my strengths and weaknesses: I used to be an unconfident girl and dared not speak up in front of a crowd. Yet, being a moderator of the conference furnished me with the chance to take the leading role in dialogue facilitation. Without a doubt, a sense of self-assertiveness sprouts within myself – to dare dare to think, express and reach out to others, regardless of their identities, be they students from Korea, India or Australia, or, representatives from IT sectors.  Keeping it simple, this was definitely a golden chance for me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the serendipity ahead – there is more to discover than expected as always.

About the writer

Joyce Chiu, NetMission Ambassador of Class 2017/2018,

Year 1 Law student in The University of Hong Kong