HKyIGF 2018 fellow at IGF 2018 – Angel Ng

As the internet is becoming more and more prevalent, it is important to pay more attention to the digital world. Being a technophobe, I joined the Hong Kong Youth Internet Governance Forum to step out of my comfort zone and enrich myself. Never did I think that this activity will bring me to the “real” global Internet Governance Forum held in Paris. It is a wonderful experience to attend this forum. Not only did I meet different people to know different opinions, but I also had the chance to advocate my views on how the Internet raises the mobility of youths in the workshop organized by Dot Asia.

At the same time, I attended various workshops on the topic that I am interested in, which was extremely rewarding to attend the workshops as I could listen to the professionals giving their opinions on the issue. For instance, in the workshops of artificial technology (AI), it was interesting to know that different professionals have opposing views on the same issue – some thought that AI creates bias whereas some believed it can mitigate bias and help achieve sustainable development goals. Indeed, AI is a popular yet very complex issue nowadays, encompassing aspects including the technological, ethical and legal fields. Attending the Internet Governance Forum allowed me to dig deep into different issues from multiple perspectives.


With the smartest minds from different countries congregating together, new ideas can be formed, bringing forth technology growth. In the beautiful city of Paris, we saw a very different culture and scenery from where we are living now. Yet, there is one thing that is always the same, that is the common goal of achieving a better quality of the human race. The Internet Governance Forum is a welcoming platform with people of different ages, colors, and races who all look forward to a better change brought by Internet technology. I, too, hope that there will soon be a better world with the aid of technology.

About the writer

Angel Ng, HKyIGF 2018 Fellow
Year 1, BBA (Law) & LLB, The University of Hong Kong